Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Huf @Valetboutique

Huf Big H Snapback/Huf Oversized Gamby Woven


Huf Die Hippie Scum Tee

Huf Big H Snapback/Huf Classic Script Tank

Huf Tie-Dye Pocket Tank

Huf Chino Field Shorts

Huf Plantlife Board Shorts

Huf Big H Snapback

Huf Bow Tie Trucker Camo Snap

"Where Style Is A Statement"

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Playcloths Summe Del 2 @Valetboutique

Playcloths The King Snap/Playcloths King Child Tank

 Keep Sake Strapback/Playcloths Frown Tank/ Frown Shorts/ Frown Socks

Playcloths Gage Sleevless Hoody/Playcloths Chelsea Shorts

Playcloths Enigma Hooded Woven/Playcloths Encore Shorts

 Half Pint 5 Panel/ Bossinova Short/ Camo Socks

Playcloths Keep Sake Strapback/Playcloths Nice Day Tee

Playcloths Veteran Snap/Playcloths Veteran Tee/Playcloths Southwestern Socks

Playcloths Keep Sake Strapback/Playcloths Frown Socks

Playcloths Half Pint 5 Panel/Playcloths Camo Socks

Playcloths Veteran Snap/Playcloths Southwestern Socks

"Where Style Is A Statement"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fit Of The Week

Sunglasses:Silvano Carpentier
Tee:Im King IGGY Tee
Shorts:Playcloths Leopard
Shoes:Huf Mateo Shoes

"Where Style Is A Statement"

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Huf Footwear @Valetboutique

Huf Hupper Shoes

Huf Southern Shoes

Huf Choice Shoes

"Where Style Is A Statement"

Summer Diamond Supply @Valetboutique

Diamond Supply Raglan O.G Tee

Diamond Supply Hardware Tee

Diamond Supply Cutty Lifers Tee

Diamond Supply All For One Tee

Diamond Supply Stevie Tee

Diamond Supply Pool Service Tee

Diamond Supply Snapbacks

"Where Style Is A Statment"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Summer Entree @Valetboutique

Entree LS Teddy All Over Tank

Entree LS USA Flag Tank

Entree LS Yacht Club Tank

Entree LS Unknown Question Tank

Entree Misunderstood Skeleton

Entree LS Drippy Teddy Tank

Entree LS Misunderstood 91 Tank

Entree LS Misunderstood 91Tee

Entree 'To The Moon' Tee

Entree LS Drippy Teddy Tee

Entree LS Faces Sk8board/Entree Olive Camo Trucker Snap/Entree Leopard Teddy Sk8board

"Where Style Is A Statement"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fit Of The Week

Hat:10.Deep X-Wing Starter
Sunglasses:9 Five Eye Wear Caps
Tee:Im King Bliss Tee
Watch:Silvano Barkwood Collection
Shorts:10.Deep Convertible
Shoes:Nike SB

"Where Style Is A Statement"

Summer Im King Tees @Valetboutique

Im King Bliss Tee

Im King IGGY Tee

Im King Red Light Tee

"Where Style Is A Statement"